Above is the first half of ‘Walk in the woods’ (or ‘in-vested’ as I like to call it). Bellow – the walk back:



Landscape are easy to knit as gauge is not crucial. When knitting landscape I consider knitting upward (co at the bottom of the picture and knitting up), or sideways (knitting the picture from side to side. There are 2 major factors:

1. If the picture has a lot of vertical lines (like trees, it will be easier to knit sideways:



If the picture more horizontal lines – knitting upward will be the easiest:





2. The other factor are variegated yarns. I LOVE var. yarns, and am willing to pay the price of less control when using them. So if I want my var. yarn to stripe sideways -> I knit sideways, to stripe upward -> knit upward.




There is a little more to it in terms of how the sts edge to look (up ^ would mean knit top down, or ‘ v’ = knit upward, and so on).


The in-vested /walk in the woods:




And more:


Bridge & Boathouse:




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