Finishing and Framing
When the picture is done turn it to the wrong side and weave in all the loose ends (with tapestry needle or crochet hook).
Next comes blocking:  take a foam board, cover it with checkered vinyl, then attach the knitted picture to it with stainless still needles. The lines on the vinyl help keep the knitting straight.  Spray the piece with water and let it dry well, preferably in the sun.
Now decide wether to make the picture into a wall hanging, or mount/frame it.
To make a wall hanging,  crochet 1-3 rows around the picture to create a soft frame. Then insert a wooden dowel into the crocheted top, and use the dowell as the hanger.
But my favorite finish is mounting. Sometimes I will crochet a frame around before mounting:


Other times I mount it straight as is: lbigboathouse

For the mounting you’ll need:
foam board cut to fit the size of your picture
short straight pins (like the ones used for sequence).
1. Attach the picture to the foam board in one corner (with one pin), then to the opposite corner. Now the other 2 corners. Push the pin into the knitting and all the way into the middle of the foam board, so it is not sticking out.  frm_side_IMG_0320
2. Next attach the middles at the top, bottom, right and left.
3. Now pin the spaces in between,  until the edges of the picture looks good.
After mounting the picture you can have it framed or leave it as is and just add a hanger on the back.  I  usually do not use the glass, but rather ‘let the picture breath’.


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