Weaving tech.


How to Knit in the Weaving Technique
This knitting technique is advanced. In a way it is a photo montage so that you are actually knitting two pictures simultaneously. Each stitch will have one yarn from one picture, and another from the second picture.

The Cathedral was my first piece – one picture have lines going up and down, the other picture has horizontal lines. In general this style creates a wonderful shimmering effect that I love. In the Seagull, one picture has the lines going across, the other is the picture of the seagull.

So, to knit this way you will need to decide on one picture that will serve as a background or will be very simple so you will not need much effort to follow it. The other will be your main subject or the picture you want to knit. Always arrange all your colors/yarns in advance on a tray or a table, and there you go…       You can mark the background colors on your chart with highlight markers to separate them from the other design.
It is tricky – but definitely worth it!

It started with imitating plaids and if you want to make a sample piece try this:
Choose 3 colors for the columns. Say, white, yellow and orange, and we will use them in this order. Choose the color for your first band, I choose green.
1. Do  a knit cast on with 2 yarns held together: 7 green and yellow
Drop the yellow and pick up the white. Cast on another 3 sts with green and white.
Drop the white, cast on another 5 sts with green and orange.
2. First row – rs – knit 5 o+g, 3 w+g, and 7 y+g
Next row – ws – purl 7 y+g, 3 w+g, 5 o+g
Repeat these 2 rows 2 more time.=, last row should be purl.
3.  Cut the green and attach blue instead. Next row should be
rs – knit 5 o+b, 3 w+b , 7 y+b
ws  – purl 7 y+b, 3 w+b, 5 o+b
Keep alternating these rows until you wish to change the green into— and so on.
After knitting this try experimenting with another  simple picture. For example, a circle or smiley face for the picture and horizontal stripes for the background – brown, green and blue. For the first 3 rows of the picture knit the picture with brown added to all sts, both the background and the circle. Then cut the brown and attach the green. now knit circle & background together with green (so each st is made of 2 yarns). Knit for a while, then cut the green, attach the blue, and knit with blue as the accompanying color till the end of the picture.

The ocean picture is an easy sample for this technique:
The sand has 3 browns. One part is A+B, the other is A+C
3 ocean colors: E+F and E+G
and 2 colors for the sky.


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