The Samadi cloth is 44″ X 42″ and has 76 hearts that were knitted by different people, either for themselves or for others who can not knit.
The cream and green heart in the middle, with 4 green lines coming out of it was done for Mehera. The design is taken from the awning above her tomb. Around Mehera there are 2 circles of ‘women’ hearts. We used 4 big squares with bluish background for the first circle. As these squares were bigger they overlap and remind me of how people used to give hands to each other and create a circle to protect Beloved Baba during Darshan programs.
The decision originally was that each heart will represent one person. This way all the hearts were very ‘personal’. So we knitted one heart that would be from everybody who wish to participate and did not get to. That heart is the big multi-color one in the middle of the first row. However, when we put all the hearts together the feeling was very ‘impersonal’. It felt like now the cloth was from everybody. So, if you did not get to participate in the project – please participate now. Choose the heart you like (or the whole quilt) and make it be YOUR VERY PERSONAL offering to Baba. That way the cloth will be truly from everybody.
We decided where to put pieces simply by where they fit. So the feeling we got working on it was that  Baba is the only one planning and in control of it – thank God!


The extra hearts from the cloth, went immediately into a little blanket of Love for dear Arnavaz. The light green heart in the middle was made for Mehera, and has beautiful flowers on it, that you can not see from the photo. What you can see is our Beloved Baba who could not hold back and just had to jump into the photo. No – it was not staged.
The blanket has a flannel backing and was assembled by Roz Taubman.
If you never had your hands in a heart project – we encourage you to start.




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