Here are some free patterns to delight your heart:

Yarn play shawl also great as pet / baby / lapghan / afghan.

2+2 Baby blanket using 4 yarns for subtle effects.

Picture knitting practice piece

Rainbow Poem, simple, a shawl (photo on the right)

Heart double knit coaster no chart, just written instructions.


This fish pattern (below) is based on the 3 yarn technique in If you never did it before you may want to practice by knitting a scarf, or another small piece. Choose 3 different yarns. Then co with A, attach and knit first row with B, attach and purl with C. next row knit yarn A, next row purl yarn B, Next row yarn C, and so on. (see example at the bottom of this page).




To knit the fish:

Chart: 55 sts and 70 rows. My fish is tight to the edges of the knitting, and you may want to add few rows to give it more room.

The chart’s gauge is 15 sts and 20 rows. I recommend to ignore gauge and just knit and have fun. Your fish may be longer or shorter – so what?

row 1 = co with dark blue.

row 2, RS : attach and knit with purple.

row 3, WS: attach and purl light blue.

row 4: attach and knit with red.

row 5: attach and purl 25 sts orange + Carry the purple yarn so it is ready for row 6. Drop orange and purple. Attach yellow and green (you can knot them together or however you like to do it). Purl 1 yellow, purl 24 green.

row 6: knit 23 dark blue + carry light blue (so it is ready for row 7), knit 2 yellow, knit purple to the end.

Now you should be all set: 3 yarns on left side of the fish (red and purple on the edge, orange in the middle), and 3 yarns on the right side of the fish ( dark and light blue in the middle, green in the edge). It will be much easier from now on, and soon you will not need to think which color to use next.

Continue following the chart, don’t worry about mistakes – instead say you took ‘artistic liberties’ and created your own version.

Also – let me know if you have troubles/things are not clear, and definitely – show me what you made!

Mainly – just be brave and try it with the needles (and not with the brain that might say : I can’t do this!)



Here is an example of using the 3 yarns technique in a knitted picture. I used it in the sky, the green behind the fence, and the earth.

Child like Samadhi
Child like Samadhi

Good Luck!


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