“When Loving is our day & our night”

The inspiration for this scarf came from a song by Scott Makeig, and this is my favorite line of it “when loving is our day and our night”. That would make life so much more beautiful.


The ‘Real I’ scarf in black & white

This is another knit I wanted to do for a long time. So I am going through my ‘bucket knit list’.
It’s double knit, from neck down, then picked up the sts and double knit the other side.

The image is Meher Baba’s hand writing of the word “I”.

Size: approx. 30 sts, 9.5” wide.





* Apologies for the advertisement below.

Metered vest / ruana

These are a continuation of the Lx4 sweaters, but without the sleeves.

Knitted in one piece, starting with the neck/front border, which creates kind of Indian collar.

I left the sides open – like a ruana, even though it is not as big as ruanas are.

It’s fun on, but does not have the wonderful drapes that the Lx4 sweaters have.

First I did the brown:

Then the pink one, inspired by Iris blooms:






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Lx4 knit sweater

I love knitting these. The principle is similar to my EZ socks:

dec from shoulder to armpit for half the front,

inc for half the back,

bo while attaching the sleeve (leave room for the neck),

co to make it a full L again, and repeat the above for the other side.

It may sound complicated, but it’s just fun. It’s like 4 L pieces attached together to make the sweater.

A variation with short rows for shaping the sleeves:

I love how they fit:



* Apologies for any hideous advertisement that may be added below – I’m really sorry!


“Mehera’s” is what I call this style of scarves:

They are knit double stranded with one variegated and one very soft yarn,

needles # US 13, with 18 or 20 or 22 sts, in rib 1:1,

and knit one below, which makes them wonderful and soft.

It takes a little planing in advance (to learn more look at Laura Bryant about yarn repetitions),

but after that it’s just knit and see what the yarn is doing.


* Apologies for any hideous advertisement that may be added below – I’m really sorry!

Hobo 2017

‘Hobo 2017’ is a simple pattern, that is meant mostly for home, as a ‘cover-all’ hat.

It’s knitted double stranded on giant US19 needles.

Start with magic loop, inc in garter st till approx. 30 sts,

then knit to desired height.

They are much fun to knit & wear, soft & cozy!

All of Me, Hats

After adding the scarves of this series on (previous entry), I realized the hats & boxes were not up yet.

There are 2 styles for the hat. The easy one is knit upward, with carried rib to give elasticity:

The other style is more complicated:

The top is knit first, then add sts and knit the other 4 symbols downward.

Both hats can be done in double knit, this one is cotton:

All of Me, scarf

‘All of Me’ is the name I give the projects containing Meher Baba’s symbols. Apart for the box and hats, here are some scarves versions. The images are simplified versions of Meher Baba Samadi, the threshold, Mastery in servitude, and Baba’s hand writing of the word ‘I’.

I just LOVE knitting these patterns.

Knit-wise: knitted in a mixture of double stranded, st.st, and double knit. I use needles # 13US, and let the sts be very loose. The scarves are very big, almost a mini blanket.

Below 2 sides of the first rainbow scarf:

2 sides of the second:

And 2 more scarves:




Knitting the air/the in-between

Sometimes I like to knit not the object itself, but just the air around it.

Below is a ‘treeless’ rendering (left side) of the tree on the right. I avoided knitting the branches, and just knit the shapes around them (much as possible).

The two bellow are done with a similar idea, treating the shapes as abstract and mixing the negative and positive images:


Back to the top of the page, these are 2 scarves with Meher Baba’s signature:

I used 2 colors, one for the shapes created below the signature, and one for ‘the air above it’. This is about how His signature cuts the space. The scarf starts with the M itself as part of the inc.