What I knit last Xmas

Mainly lots and lots of coasters, as they fit nicely in the envelope together with the Xmas card & a lot of Love.

I used thin yarn and a mixed sts technique:

The edge is knit double stranded,

the area around the circle is double knit,

and the circle is st.st.


Pot-Top rainbow trees pattern

This pattern is based on a child like drawing of looking up at tree tops, near lagoon cabin, at Meher Spiritual Center, S.C.

It is knit with simple short rows (no wraps etc necessary), and 100% cotton yarn. The pattern is available for free here.

I have one for years, and use it all the time to keep the pot/pan hot, AFTER TURNING THE STOVE OFF.

It’s fun, I hope you’ll enjoy it and make some too 🙂

Cover it up! a pot/pan cover

A free and easy pattern for pot/pan cover. I use it all the time, to keep the food hot and to let it finish cooking after the stove is turned off.
It’s a great gift for yourself, and a wonderful Christmas gift for anybody else.

Easy 2-3 hours project (a wedge is about 15-20 min), and less than one ball of Suagar-n-Cream or similar is enough.

Do not be intimidated by the short rows – in this pattern there is no need to wrap etc, just turn the needles and knit back. The gap created by the short row will help you know where your next short row should be. It makes life easier when being interrupted in the middle.

Simple instructions for a crochet version are also included.

For safety reasons yarn must be 100% cotton, and always make sure to turn the stove OFF before covering the pot/pan.

Have fun 🙂

Pattern is available HERE.

All of Me, box

‘All of Me’ is a series of knits with symbolize images of my life with Meher Baba:

His Samadi & its Threshold, the ‘Mastery in Servitude’ symbol, and his hand writing for the word ‘I’.

The box was the first thing I did. The idea came from a box I got from Dolly Dastur in India – she called it a ‘Don’t Worry’ box.

Knit wise: double knit in one piece with little assembly.

Meher Baba Samadhi


A coaster size rendering of Meher Baba’s Tomb image. Designed by my husband 🙂 and happily knitted by me.

Because it’s double knit, it shows the right side (above), while the other side of the coaster shows the left side:


The thing I like about it is that in the old days we used to enter from the right side, while now they changed the entrance to the left.

Welcome Home!

Based on Meher Baba’s Samadhi, this is a design I wanted to do for a long time. The coaster is done in double knitting, the photo above shows both sides of the first coaster. It shows the threshold, the door, and the piece above it.

The pattern is also somewhat based on my ‘Childlike Samadhi’:


I also made a black one:

And 2 blue & white, one of them with a garter st for the Samadhi walls, which I am really sorry not to be able to detail:


The mushroom under the Elf – a children book with advanced knit patterns

Our book is ready! We are happy & excited! The book is a fun bedtime story about a lost Elf that makes friends with a mushroom. It has a lot of photos and knitted art work for illustration.

The other thing it has are 4 knitting patterns, scattered here & there in the middle of the story! The patterns are:

1. Small mushroom chart for double-knit coaster.

2. Double knit mush-puff baby toy (instructions for how to stuff & puff are included).

3. Modular mushroom picture potholder – small project, fun and surprising technique.

4. The Elfy game blanket, which you can also play right on the cover.  

The book is available at Amazon.com and at Create space


Things have gotten very ‘mushroomy’ over here…

It started innocent enough – I was happily working on modular pictures (see previous post and probably my next post too), then looking for a V easy one to do (to test this crazy idea) I decided to knit a little modular mushroom picture.The colors are too dark – but it was so much fun! and before I knew it I found myself knitting mushrooms for a month and writing a children book about an Elf and a mushroom…  That’s what I get for following my heart!

So, the story is far from ready, but the mushrooms are getting there:

These are the ‘pages’ of a pattern for a cotton baby book, and below is the book itself –  it is so much fun to touch it, feels real good!

This pattern is being tested, and 2 more patterns are on there way:

It’s hard to see but this is a puffed mushroom,.

The other knit baby book is a sideways knitted set, like this:

Hope you like it…

Meandering randomness

This is an experiment in taking decisions and seeing how they effect the pattern. In the pink washcloth the decisions were: do all white as double crochet, light pink as half double, and pink as single crochet (I hope my crochet terms are right, you can click on the image to see a larger photos). So that decision and the self changing yarn determine the amoeba shape of the piece. It is still work in progress, but something already came out of it:


Here I took decisions that determine the colors but nor the shape. The shape started as an experiment in making a double knit hat with the Sahavas pattern (in my books ‘Color & Picture Knitting’ and ‘Knitting with Baba’, and soon as an independent pattern too). The decisions were to always knit the pink on one side, so the other side is ‘pink free’. And to give second priority to light colors on that side and blues on the other. It was much fun to knit.

If you wonder what happened to the hat – husband and I are watching too many Jane Austen. Instead of Sahavas hat it became an Elizabeth bonnet. But more about that in another post.