“Achilles’ Point” fiction book released on Amazon

My book “Achilles’ Point” is now available on Amazon, HERE, both as a paperback and as an ebook.

The front is embroidery of 2 trees, one black, one white, growing together in Meherabad, India:

The back is a knitted picture of the same trees:

Here is a little info about it:

A story of grief, faith and unusual friendship, given through the diaries of 5 very different women:
Ruth, 22 years old, a young Mom with a strong devotion to God.
Miri, almost 30, works at an Insurance company and not much happens in her life, until…
Terez, 44 years old, scientist, works in a hospital’s research lab, lost her son.
Shelly, 50, married with one son, loves nature and contemplation.
Noel, 60ish, an artist, sick with cancer.

A note from one of my readers, that I feel gives the feeling of what the book is about:
“It was a compelling read that I went through twice. Each of the women (and the other characters too) resonated with different parts of my being. Each is an individual, but you’ve imitated life by weaving their stories together.
I believe God sends us Angels when we need them. And here you’ve demonstrated how God touches ones life even if the person doesn’t believe in him, or has doubts.
Additionally the embroidery, knitting, and photography you’ve included plus the quilt in the story, all add to the imagery of their lives and the universe being woven together.
I read a lot, but don’t often feel the depth of emotion I did with the piece.
Thank you so much for sharing it with me.”

The book has a knit pattern for the hearts friendship blanket.

Hope you’ll enjoy it,



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