All our books are for sale on Amazon, and Barns &

 ‘How to’ knitting books:

‘Color & Picture Knitting’ is a step by step for how to knit landscapes, portraits, and more.

‘Knitting with Baba’ is the same as ‘Color & Picture knitting’, but with added stories of knitting with Meher Baba.





The first time I saw the ocean’ , a children book illustrated with my knitted pictures.


‘The mushroom under the Elf’ , includes knit instructions for baby book and a game/baby blanket.

‘Mixed Tapestries’ , illustrated with a new style of knitting.


Our pictures and patterns are for sale on Ravelry and on Etsy, store name ‘pictureknitting’.


* See something you like to knit and can’t find the pattern for? Let me know…


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