Mastery in Servitude #3, Through the eye of time.

A knitted rendering of Meher Baba’s symbol ‘Mastery in Servitude’.

This is the 3rd time I knit it as a big wall hanging (approx 33×33″).

It’s done in quilting technique, to give the feeling of something old & patched, and is almost finished.

About the symbol: The first one was done by Dr. Donkin, and has only 4 of the religion symbols (to match the 4 corners of the religions symbols on Meher Baba’s Samadhi). That symbol appears in the early prints of Dr. Donkin’s book The Wayfarers (about Meher Baba’s work with the masts). In 1969 Rano Gayley did a painting of it in color, by now with 6 symbols. Here is page 61 from her book, that talks about it:


Both Dr. Donkin’s and Rano Gayley’s drawings have the words  ‘Mastery in Servitude’ written in the middle.


This was the 2nd one I knitted:


And this was my first one:

And all together:


All of Me, scarf

‘All of Me’ is the name I give the projects containing Meher Baba’s symbols. Apart for the box and hats, here are some scarves versions. The images are simplified versions of Meher Baba Samadi, the threshold, Mastery in servitude, and Baba’s hand writing of the word ‘I’.

I just LOVE knitting these patterns.

Knit-wise: knitted in a mixture of double stranded,, and double knit. I use needles # 13US, and let the sts be very loose. The scarves are very big, almost a mini blanket.

Below 2 sides of the first rainbow scarf:

2 sides of the second:

And 2 more scarves:




Mastery in Servitude


Based on Meher Baba’s ‘Mastery in Servitude’ symbol, as it was done by Rano Gayly in 1969.

I have decided to omit the writing (“Mastery in Servitude”) in the middle, and leave it free and silent. While I usually connect to Baba’s humor and accuracy (in His gestures and movements, words, events, and money), here I feel His compassion, love and silence.

How to knit it??

– Close yourself in a room/a house/a cabin –

do not emerge or very rarely and only for a short time (and talk very little with friends)

– drink a lot of water and coffee, but eat very little (because who wants to stop for eating)

– and listen to recorded books of Saint Theresa of Avila, back to back.

It’s really worth it.